Battle Charge
Project description in 3 sentences
The game will immerse adventurers in a medieval world. In this game, players will be able to capture castles, defend their territory, fight in real time managing their army, making strategic decisions and personally participating in battles. This includes choosing a class (marksman, warrior, etc.), weapons, horses, small arms, tactics and battle strategy.
General characteristics of the project
  • PC: Steam
  • English
  • Mount and Blade
  • For Honor
  • 40 weeks
Key technologies of the project
Team members
  • UI Toolkit
  • Cinemachine
  • Job system
  • URP
  • Zenject
  • Game Designer
  • Unity Developers x3
  • UI/UX Designer
  • 3D Designers/Animators x2
  • 2D Concept Artist
  • VFX Designer
  • RPG
  • Action
  • Strategy
Client's request
The client requested the development of a unique game combining elements of role-playing, action and strategy with an immersive medieval world. The client wanted players to be able to capture castles, defend their territory, manage their army in real time and make strategic decisions.
We have developed a "Battle Charge" game that meets all the customer's requirements. The game allows players to immerse themselves into the medieval world, capture castles, defend their territory and manage their army in real time. Players can make strategic decisions and participate in battles personally, choose classes, weapons, tactics and battle strategy.
Target audience
Group 1:
Age: 18-30 years old.

Interests: History, medieval, strategy and role-playing games.

Expectations: Deep strategic gameplay, engaging story, realistic medieval atmosphere.

Required elements: Variety of classes and weapon sets, ability to lead troops.

Player type according to Bartle:
  • Achievers.
            Group 2:
            Age: 25-40 years old.

            Interests: Strategies, military tactics, resource management.

            Expectations: Complex tactical battles, managing the economy and resources of the castle.

            Required elements: A wealth of strategic options, complex resource management decisions.

            Player Type according to Bartle:
            • Explorers.
                        Group 3:
                        Age: 15-25 years old.

                        Interests: Role-playing games, medieval, PvP battles.

                        Expectations: Interesting PvP battles, large selection of classes and weapons.

                        Required elements: Balanced PvP, a variety of classes and weapon sets.

                        Player type according to Bartle:
                        • Killers.
                                Three features that make the project unique
                                • Multiplayer.
                                • Unique classes.
                                • Flexible troop management system.

                                Pixel aesthetics
                                The main task of art in the game is to create a unique, attractive and immersive visual style in the medieval world. The art should be detailed to convey the atmosphere and realism of medieval battles. It should stimulate a sense of participation in real historical events and evoke emotions of excitement and fascination.
                                Team of Visualizers/Designers
                                UI/UX Designer
                                Creates a user-friendly interface and develops its animations and transitions.

                                Defines the visual style of the game in the concept stage by creating illustrations and sketches.

                                Creates and animates three-dimensional models for the game world, including landscapes, architecture, objects, and characters.
                                Creates visual effects and develops shaders and special effects to control light and color, enhancing the game experience.
                                2D Artist Concept
                                3D Designer/Animator
                                VFX Designer
                                Key technologies of the project
                                  System of features and tools for creating and developing User Interface.
                                UI Toolkit
                                    Provides artist-friendly workflows that allow you to quickly and easily create optimized graphics across multiple platforms.
                                    An open-source dependency injection container targeted for use with the Unity3D game engine, providing functionality on most platforms supported by Unity3D.
                                    System that lets you write simple and safe multithreaded code so that your application can use all available CPU cores to execute your code.
                                  Job system
                                    A camera system that allows you to choose different angles and sharp transitions.
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