BG Coin
Project description in 2 sentences
The project is based on the idea of the well-known NotCoin project, which caused a stir among Telegram users and is innovative in the Telegram Cripto Game category.
BG Coin project demonstrates the main part of the functionality of a project similar to NotCoin.
  • Telegram WebGL (IOS, Android)
  • Telegram WebGL (MacOS, PC)
  • English
  • NotCoin
  • ARBUZ Clicker
  • xBlast
  • 4 weeks
Key technologies of the project
Team members
  • Unity WebGL
  • FastAPI
  • Asyncio
  • Aiohttp
  • Redis
  • aiogram
  • SQLAlchemy
  • alembic
  • Unity Developer
  • Tester
  • Game Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Python Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Idle
  • Web3
  • Telegram Bot
General characteristics of the project
Goal of thr project development
We developed an MVP of a similar project as Not Coin to demonstrate to our clients our team's ability to create projects that can be competitive in the market.
Working on one of the projects that are just emerging on the market was an exciting experience. We encountered uncharted challenges and opportunities in the game development industry, which inspired us to explore new technologies and solve problems that the project team had not encountered before.
Project Manager's comment
Pixel aesthetics
For this project we chose a minimalistic and simple design in our corporate colors. As it was our internal project and the main focus is aimed at demonstrating skills and abilities to work with new technologies.
Key technologies of the project
A web framework for developing high-performance API services in Python with asynchrony support and automatic documentation generation.
    NoSQL database used for data caching, handling user sessions, and can also be used as a message broker if needed.
    Lib for developing asynchronous applications.
      Library for migration management in SQL databases.
          Python asynchronous library for creating asyncio-based telegram bots.
          Is a library built on top of Asyncio that provides the ability to create asynchronous web applications and clients.
          Library for working with SQL databases, providing ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) for convenient interaction with different types of databases.