Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, Game/Lvl Designer, Sound Designer, UI/UX Designer, 3D Designer

Platforms: IOS/Android.

Game genre: FInd Items

Project description:

Complete orders by finding items and transporting them to the delivery box. Pack them all before time runs out! Use multiple boosters to complete the level. We have designed dozens of levels to challenge your brain in this fun and smart puzzle game.

Technical features:

An arcade game, the essence of which is to collect 3D objects in the form of food in a box for a certain time, according to the order that is displayed on the screen.

The objects are arranged in piles and the player must clear the piles by tapping and dragging to find the right objects and drop them into the box.

The game has boosters that can be used to buy additional time for a level, or group objects by type into separate piles on the screen. Boosters are bought with real currency.

The game has a system of lives (3 pieces) that are spent for losing a level. Hearts are replenished for watching ads or for 15 minutes of waiting (outside the game, respectively)

  • An in-game store that allows the player to buy useful items with in-game currency and disable ads for real money.

  • A level task system that allows the game designer to customize the difficulty of the levels and specify what objects will be created, how long it takes and what needs to be collected.

  • Adaptation of level borders and spawning of items for different screens for multiplatform application
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