Project description in 3 sentences
This project gives players from different parts of the world the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of poker in real time. Reliability and security in the game is a priority, ensuring honesty and confidentiality of data. Modern graphics and an intuitive interface create a unique gaming experience. RoyalFlush is not only a place to battle at the table, but also a platform to share experiences, strategies and create new friendships in the exciting world of poker.
General characteristics of the project
  • Android
  • IOS
  • English
  • WSOP Poker
  • Zynga Poker
  • 16 weeks
Key technologies of the project
Team members
  • Game Designer
  • Unity Developer
  • 2D Artist
  • 3D Designer
  • Poker
  • Card game
  • Photon Engine
  • GoogleMobileAds
  • DOTween
  • Firebase Database
  • Zenject
Client's request
The client was looking for an experienced developer to create a poker game. Requirements included robust mechanics, stable performance and multiplayer, and the client's team was responsible for UI/UX.
Our team successfully realized the envisioned poker game. Precise odds calculations, smooth functioning of the game and extensive multiplayer made the project outstanding. Collaboration with the client's team with a responsible approach to visual design resulted in a successful symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics. The game received positive reviews and popularity among players.
Target audience
Group 1:
Age: 18-27 years old.

Interests and Expectations:
  • Players looking for social interaction in poker;
  • Preference for dynamic games with active gameplay;
  • A desire to try different strategies in the game.

    Type of players according to Bartle:
  • Explorers;
  • Dominators.

  • Players with limited experience;
    Interest in the social aspects of poker.
      Group 2:
      Age: 27-40 years old.

      Interests and Expectations:
      • Fans of high quality online poker strategies;
      • Participate in the competitive moments and aspects of the game;
      • A desire to continually improve their skills.

        Type of players according to Bartle:
      • Dominators;
      • Explorers.

      • Significant experience in online poker;
      • Active participation in a competitive environment.
            Group 3:
            Age: 40+ years.

            Interests and Expectations:
            • Poker fans with a knack for deep strategic mechanics;
            • Preference for a relaxed pace of play with plenty of tactical options;
            • Desire to enjoy the atmosphere and process of the game.

              Type of players according to Bartle:
            • Socializers;
            • Explorers.

            • Extensive experience in online poker;
            • Value of deep strategic gameplay.
              Three features that make the project unique
              • High processing speed, ensuring a fast and smooth gaming experience.
              • Reliable privacy and data security, ensuring the protection of players' personal information.
              • A unique visual style that gives the game a unique aesthetic character, enriching the visual experience of the participants.
              Pixel aesthetics
              UISince the client was responsible for the entire UI/UX design, our team focused on the clarity and clarity of gameplay. The visual style shown below is simple, but it conveys all the ideas and messages of the game.
              Team of Visualizers/Designers
              3D Designer/Animator
              Creates and animates three-dimensional models for the game world, including landscapes, architecture, objects, and characters.

              This specialist creates 2D graphics and animations for the game, including characters, backgrounds, and various objects.

              2D Artist
              Key technologies of the project
              A scalable, multi-platform rendering pipeline built on the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) platform. With its scalability, customizability and rich feature set, URP provides creative freedom in any type of project, from stylized visuals to physical rendering.
              The Universal Rendering Pipeline
                  Technology of project localization into any language.
                Unity Localization
                  For storing and loading a database of questions. A scalable and flexible solution that allows developers to store and manage data in a simple and efficient way, without the need to manage servers or infrastructure.
                  An open source dependency injection container designed for use with the Unity3D game engine and providing functionality on most platforms supported by Unity3D.
                Firebase Database
                Particle System
                  Provides creation of various effects to enhance the visual design of the game.