I'm Daniel Holub

Unity 2D/3D C# Developer with more than 3 years experience.
My experience
Creation of illustrations and textures, writing and desinging of graphic and musical accompaniment, testing and analysis of game components and internal economy in your project, partial development services of game mechanics.
Hours in development
Turnkey projects created
Created by MVP
Liters of coffee drunk
Game mechanics
Game development doesn't always start with ready-made game mechanics. If you come up with an interesting story and setting, I, in turn, will come up with unique and fascinating game mechanics, create a comfortable and addictive gameplay, balance everything so that players can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game and do not break away from it for a long time.
Completed projects
«Smash! Geometry» – interesting, exciting, entertaining! A game that will allow you to develop mindfulness, reaction skills, as well as just pass your free time while standing in a traffic jam or in a queue.
The rules of the game are simple and understandable to everyone. The game captivates and addicts so much that no one will refuse to play once or twice, or even more.
Geometry! Smash
BlockoDice (QBlock) - a new jigsaw puzzles and block puzzle game that combines different shaped blocks like tetris and sudoku board style. This is a simple game for adults and children that can be downloaded for free and played without internet.
Blocko Dice
«Brain Bricks» is a fascinating puzzle game for anyone and everyone. It will become an interesting leisure, help you pass the time and contribute to the development of useful life skills. And it is clear. After all, Brain Bricks puzzle game is created by masters of logic games. And that means that the puzzle is difficult, but very entertaining.
Brain Bricks
Game development process
Goal setting
We will begin our work together by contacting you and setting goals to understand your needs as well as decomposing the subject matter of your task.
Task scheduling
I will begin working on your project by developing a strategy and determining how to achieve your goals and measure success.
Project development
During the development I will constantly communicate with you, I will give you a clean and clear code, develop your product based on simple modules with easily extensible architecture that in the future will give an opportunity to easily expand and update your product. We will be with you as a team and you will be able to observe the development of your own product and influence the development.
Growth Support
Once the development is complete, I will track metrics and support your product, ensuring long-term development.
I crave the success of your product as much as you do!

Daniel Holub
Thank you for your attention, I am always open for cooperation and new challenges!
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