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Smash! Geometry
"Smash! Geometry" - interesting, exciting, entertaining! A game that will develop attentiveness and reaction skills, as well as just to pass the time, standing in a traffic jam or queue.

The gameplay consists of flying out of a geometric figure into free space. And so step by step, figure by figure. The game is divided into levels, the main characteristics of which are increasing the number of sides of the figure and the rotation speed of the main character. Over time it will become more difficult, and therefore more interesting

Colorful, bright graphics will enhance your enjoyment of the gameplay.

Download "Smash! Geometry" and start playing right now
Land of Ghost
Blow your mind in the unique free 3D puzzle "Twist Puzzle"!
Connect your logic and burst into the bright world of "Twist Puzzle"!
Rotate and arrange the puzzles to fill the entire playing field. Pay special attention to the notches and elements that are located in advance on the board. No time limits, just enjoy the game!
The game has:
• Many different levels;
• Bright 3D graphics and pleasant music;
• Ability to choose the quality of graphics;
• Day and night modes;
• Fascinating, understandable gameplay.
Free puzzle game for puzzle lovers. Suitable for players of all ages.
Play jigsaw puzzles with your family on your phone or tablet. Arrange yourself an unforgettable quest!

Brain Bricks
"Brain Bricks" is a fascinating puzzle game for anyone and everyone. It will become an interesting leisure, help you pass the time and contribute to the development of useful life skills. And that is for sure. After all, "Brain Bricks" puzzle game was created by the masters of logic games. And this means that the puzzle is complex, but very entertaining.

Think, analyze, create! Develop creativity, observation and thinking outside the box. You are not limited in time to pass the level. So, you can play as long as you are not bored.

"Brain Bricks" - play a few levels! Don't doubt, you'll love it!


BlockoDice (QBlock) is a new puzzle game (jigsaw puzzles) and block puzzle that combines cubes as in tetris and sudoku field style. It is a simple game for adults and children that you can download for free and play without the Internet connection.

Game Features:
✔ A 9x9 cell board like Sudoku!
✔ Fill the field with blocks of different shapes, don't let the field fill up like in Tetris.
✔ Collect the necessary number of points to pass the level and open the puzzle picture. The multipliers in the squares will allow you to get more points at a time.
✔ Play can be easier if you use bonuses: turn the piece, remove the vertical or horizontal line.
✔ Additional points for simultaneous filling of fields and squares (combos).
✔ A series of consecutive closed squares increases multiples of points in the game.
✔ A great workout for the brain. Test your IQ.

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