About us
BG Games is a team of talented and ambitious people united by a common passion - games! Each member of the team has different skills and experience, but we all work together to create the best games for our users.

There is a friendly atmosphere in BG Games team, where everyone respects each other's opinion and is ready to support in any situation. This is what allows us to work for results and achieve the greatest success together!

We are open to new tasks and ready to take on challenges to create new applications that will surprise and delight users.
Our team
Top Management
Our Top Management excels in providing advanced management expertise, coordinating activities, and offering operational support to enhance the internal processes of the company. Dedicated to serving our clients' best interests, we prioritize effective resource management and the optimization of work processes. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to promptly addressing queries and ensuring seamless organizational operations. We facilitate effective communication across various departments and management levels, thereby fostering the attainment of shared objectives. With our wealth of skills and experience, rest assured of the efficacy and professionalism of our team.
Marketing and Sales Department
Welcome to the marketing and sales department of our company! We are a team of professionals ready to assist you in realizing your business ideas and achieving success in the market. We offer an individual approach to each client, as well as a wide range of innovative solutions. Our objective is not merely to sell our services but to cultivate long-term partnerships founded on mutual trust and mutual benefit. Join us today, and together, we will achieve great results!
Development Department
We are a team of experienced Unity C# programmers ready to transform your ideas into reality. Our specialization lies in creating interactive games, educational applications, and gamifying business processes, spanning a broad spectrum of genres and applications. We strive for the highest quality and innovative solutions in every project. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we adeptly tackle even the most complex tasks. Let's collaborate to create unique and thrilling products together!
Project Management Department
We are a crucial link in the successful realization of projects, ensuring their effective implementation from start to finish. Our team boasts extensive experience in managing projects of diverse complexities and scales. Continuously refining our methodologies, we strive to achieve optimal results for our clients. Approaching each project individually, we ensure a high level of service and timely task fulfillment.
Let's put it to the test, shall we?
Together, we'll reach new heights!
Department of Design and Game Design
Welcome to the Creative Department! This is where we transform your boldest ideas into unique designs and exhilarating games. Our team of experienced designers and game developers is poised to convert your concepts and visions into captivating visuals. Continuously evolving and staying abreast of the latest trends, we craft products that resonate with our audience. Allow us to assist you in bringing your boldest ideas to fruition!
Human Resources Department
We are dedicated to assembling a team of professionals who appreciate the contributions of each employee. With us, you'll discover not only opportunities for career advancement but also support for your professional growth. Our HR team is always prepared to assist you with your employment, training, and development requirements. Join us and become a valued member of our successful and amicable team!
We strive diligently to craft games that enable players to explore new worlds and embark on exciting adventures while also ensuring the high quality of our work. We take pride in our customers' satisfaction with both our games and our efforts in developing them.
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We assist and support our clients in the swift and successful development of their business ideas and projects.