Our team
Berner Danyil
CEO Product Development, Co-founder
Poida Herman
CTO Product Development,ProjectManager
  • Nikita Nehuliaiev
    Unity/С# Developer, Project Manager
    In Ukraine we don't say Project Manager, we say "Ваше величество"
  • Volodymyr Zalievskyy
    Unity/C# Developer
    What do you call a programmer who is afraid of code? Project Manager!
  • Yevhen Kalyta
    Unity/C# Developer, Project Manager
    To make something really good, you always have to think about the details
  • Ivan Necheporenko
    Unity/C# Developer
    "There is no patch for human brain" - Kevin Mitnick
  • Karolina Pylypenko
    Unity/C# Developer, 2D/3D Artist
    You can't erase anything from your life...but you can paint over it :)
  • Artem Obryadin
    It's not enough to know the price, you have to be in demand
  • Olha Dovbysh
    Unity/C# Developer
    We live in a time, when creating your own unique world is a job, and it's amazing
  • Denis Bendeberya
    Unity/C# Developer
    My mom's friend's son's code works the first time, how about you?
  • Nikita Maletsky
    Unity/C# Developer
    A samurai has no goal, only path
  • Bihma Rostyslav
    Unity/C# Developer
    A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. © Doug Linder
  • Pavlovsky Artyom
    Unity/C# Developer
    What is broken can be fixed
  • Morozov Denis
    Unity/C# Developer
    I've always been fascinated with the idea that complexity can come out of such simplicity
  • Margarita Karpenko
    2D Artist, UI/UX Designer
    My work is a game. And when i'm designing - i'm playing.
  • Sarafanova Dayana
    2D Artist, Graphic Designer
    I suffer from perfectionism!
  • Yaroslav Nazarenko
    2D/3D Artist, UI/UX Designer
    Simplicity is about removing the obvious and adding the necessary
  • Naydyuk Yegor
    2D/3D Artist
    The world is more likely to be saved by design than by
    rock 'n' roll
  • Anna Prokofieva
    UI/UX Designer
    When I don't know what to do, I use blue color
  • Diana Budyka
    2D Artist, UI/UX Designer
    Whatever the brief - the same creativity
  • Petro Hryhoruk
    UI/UX Designer
    Negativity is a choice
  • Oleh Sokol
    Sound Engineer
    To get something you didn't have before, you have to do something you didn't do before
  • Puchkov Bohdan
    Sound Designer
    I asked God for a bike, but i know God doesn't work that way. So i stole a bike and asked for forgiveness
  • Neschadym Nikita
    Sound Engineer / Music Producer
    By not achieving what I want, I don't pretend to have
    achieved it.
  • Illya Luchynkin
    Sound Designer
    Be yourself, no matter what they say!
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