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BG Games is a team of talented and ambitious people united by a common passion - games! Each team member has different skills and expertise, but we all work together to create the best games for our users.
BG Games team has a friendly atmosphere where everyone respects each other's opinion and is ready to support each other in any situation. That is what allows us to work for results and achieve the greatest success together!
In addition, BG Games studio are real talents of their business!
Each member of the team has unique skills that help us create games at the highest level. Among us there are experienced developers, professional game and level designers, creative artists and sound directors, skilled animators and UI/UX designers, as well as many others, whose contribution to the game production is no less than their colleagues'.
Our team is constantly improving and looking for new ways to upgrade their skills in order to create even more exciting and unique games.
We are open for new challenges and ready to take on trials to create new apps that will surprise and delight users. It helps us grow and develop together as one big family.
BG Games is a friendly, ambitious, talented, constantly developing and open-minded team of people willing to work together to create games that will remain not only in your memory, but in your heart.
When joining BG Games team, you will join like-minded people who are always welcoming new members and ready to help you adapt, grow, and develop!
Would you like to get involved in game development too, and not just be part of the team, but of the whole family?
We definitely have a place for you, get in touch with our HR in any convenient way!
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We work hard to create games that help players discover new worlds and experience exciting adventures, but also to guarantee the high quality of our work. We are proud that our customers are satisfied with our games and our work on them.
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We assist and support our clients in the swift and successful development of their business ideas and projects.