Galactic Standoff
Project description in 3 sentences
The player will have to fight waves of enemy ships, while maneuvering among the asteroids. The main task of the player is to stand as long as possible under the onslaught. For each battle, the player receives a certain amount of resources, which can then be spent on improving existing ships or buying new ones.
General characteristics of the project
  • Android
  • IOS
  • English
  • SpaceBourne 2
  • Space Raid: Cosmos Battle
  • 24 weeks
Key technologies of the project
Team members
  • The Universal Rendering Pipeline
  • Particle System
  • Zenject
  • Unity Localization
  • Firebase Database
  • Game Designer
  • Unity Developer x2
  • 2D Concept Artist
  • 3D Designer
  • VFX Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Shooter
  • Space simulator
Client's request
The customer came with a request to create a Web3 game that consists of space battles.
We developed "Space Sweepers," a game that incorporates elements of Web3 and is a space shooter where players can fight waves of enemy ships and maneuver among asteroids.
Target audience
Group 1:
Age: 18-30 years old.

Interests: space simulators, shooters, Web3 technology.

Expectations: exciting gameplay, challenging combat missions.

Without an interesting combat system and elements of cryptoeconomics, this group will not be interested in the project.

Type of players according to Bartle:
  • Achievers;
  • Killers.
            Group 2:
            Age: 30-45 years old.

            Interests: space simulators, investing in NFT and cryptocurrencies.

            Expectations: opportunity to make money in the game, unique NFTs.

            Without a built-in economy and the ability to monetize time spent in the game, this group will not be interested in the project.

            Type of players according to Bartle:
            • Explorers;
            • Killers.
                        Group 3:
                        Age: 18-45 years.

                        Interests: innovative technologies, space theme, games with strategy elements.

                        Expectations: deep gameplay, ability to strategize and use different play styles.

                        Without complex game mechanics and a strategy element, this group will not be interested in the project.

                        Type of players according to Bartle:
                        • Achievers.
                                Three features that make the project unique
                                • In-depth opponent generation system that adjusts to the strength of the player at the moment.
                                • Web3 and NFT system, which give players the opportunity to earn real money.
                                • Unique weapons, each with its own ballistics.

                                Pixel aesthetics
                                Art- team of the project is to create an exciting and atmospheric visual component of the game that will allow players to immerse themselves in the space world. This will be achieved through detailed 3D models, atmospheric visual effects and an intuitive interface that will evoke a sense of adventure and excitement in players.
                                Team of Visualizers/Designers
                                UI/UX Designer
                                Creates a user-friendly interface and develops its animations and transitions.

                                Defines the visual style of the game in the concept stage by creating illustrations and sketches.

                                Creates and animates three-dimensional models for the game world, including landscapes, architecture, objects, and characters.
                                Creates visual effects and develops shaders and special effects to control light and color, enhancing the game experience.
                                2D Concept Artist
                                3D Designer/Animator
                                VFX Designer
                                Key technologies of the project
                                  To store and load a database of questions. A scalable and flexible solution that allows developers to store and manage data in a simple and efficient manner, without the need for managing servers or infrastructure.
                                Firebase Database
                                    An asset for implementing alternative control using a visual joystick.
                                  Unity Localization
                                    A scalable, multi-platform rendering pipeline built on top of the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) platform. With its scalability, customizability, and rich feature set, URP offers you creative freedom in any type of project, from stylized visuals to physical rendering.
                                  The Universal Rendering Pipeline
                                    An open-source dependency injection container targeted for use with the Unity3D game engine, providing functionality on most platforms supported by Unity3D.
                                    Provides creation of various effects for better game visuals.

                                    Particle System
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