Planet Defence
Project description in 3 sentences
Planet Defense is an exciting Tower Defense game where players have to defend the planet from invading enemies by strategically placing defensive tools around the planet. The game features different types of towers, superheroes that help in the defense, and a unique space field that creates a variety of effects around the planet. The main goal is to effectively use towers and heroes to control the path of enemies and damage them, while maintaining the integrity of the planet.
General characteristics of the project
  • Android
  • IOS
  • English
  • Kingdom Rush Tower
  • Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD
  • 32 weeks
Key technologies of the project
Team members
  • Joystick Pack
  • Sci-Fi Effects
  • Localization
  • TextMeshPro
  • ShaderGraph
  • Universal Render Pipeline
  • DOTween
  • NavMeshPlus and AI Navigation
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Game Designer
  • Unity Developer
  • 2D Artist
  • VFX Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Casual
  • Tower Defence
Client's request
The customer approached us with an idea for a game in which there would be a planet under attack. He asked us to develop various game concepts based on this idea.
Our team created three concept documents, each representing a different approach to realizing the idea. The customer liked two of them, and we combined them into a fourth, unique version, which the customer approved. Then we formed a full development team and started the process of creating the game. We brought the project to the MVP stage, after which we moved on to its ongoing support and modernization.
Target audience
Group 1:
Age: 12-18 years old.

Interests: space, science fiction, strategy.

Expectations: exciting gameplay, bright graphics, competitive elements.

Players will not be interested in the project if there is no variety of levels and the ability to improve their towers.

Type of players according to Bartle:
  • Reachers;
  • Killers.
            Group 2:
            Age: 18-25 years old.

            Interests: strategy games, space theme, puzzles.

            Expectations: challenging tasks, deep gameplay, variety of enemies.

            Players will not be interested in the project if there is no complex pumping system and interesting mechanics.

            Type of players according to Bartle:
            • Achievers;
            • Killers.
                      Group 3:
                      Age: 25-35 years old.

                      Interests: Tower Defense, strategy games, space.

                      Expectations: high level of difficulty, well thought-out balance, interesting story.

                      Players will not be interested in the project if there is no good story and variety of gameplay mechanics.

                      Type of players according to Bartle:
                      • Achievers;
                      • Explorers.
                            Three features that make the project unique
                            • Gun improvement system through the "Merge" mechanic.
                            • Two exciting game modes (Story mode and Arena mode).
                            • Dynamic and interactive VFX.
                            Pixel aesthetics
                            The team of art designers should form a visual style that fully corresponds to the atmosphere and setting of the game. It should convey the dynamics and tension of battles, as well as evoke a sense of exciting space adventure. The visual design of the game should be not only beautiful, but also functionally clear, so that players can easily navigate the gameplay.
                            Team of Visualizers/Designers
                            This specialist creates 2D graphics and animations for the game, including characters, backgrounds, and various objects.

                            2D Artist
                            UI/UX Designer
                            Creates a user-friendly interface and develops its animations and transitions.
                            Creates visual effects and develops shaders and special effects to control light and color, enhancing the game experience.
                            VFX Designer
                            Key technologies of the project
                              Lightweight rendering pipeline for Unity that provides optimized performance for a wide range of platforms, including mobile devices, consoles, and desktop computers.
                            Universal Render Pipeline
                                An asset for implementing alternative control using a visual joystick.
                              Joystick Pack
                                To localize the project into different languages (English and Russian).
                                Asset for various visual effects (Pool Manager is also used from here to optimize the gameplay).
                              Sci-Fi Effects
                                Text rendering solution for Unity game developers that provides enhanced control and customization over text elements in a game.
                                To organize the behavior of the hero. Plugin for Unity that provides enhanced navigation capabilities for AI agents in a game or simulation. It extends Unity's built-in navigation system (NavMesh) with additional features and functionality, such as dynamic obstacle avoidance, multi-level navigation, and advanced pathfinding algorithms.

                                NavMeshPlus and AI Navigation
                                For various procedural animations of the interface and not only.
                                  Visual interface for creating shaders in Unity, which allows developers to create custom shaders without having to write any code. It is a node-based system that allows for the creation of complex materials and visual effects, with a simple and intuitive interface that can be used by both beginners and experienced developers.
                                  A script for implementing the scrolling of a procedurally generated map.

                                Infinite Scroll
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