Galaxy Run
Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, Game/Lvl Designer, Sound Designer, Backend Developer;

WebGL (mobile/PC)

Game genre:
NFT, 2D Platform

Project description:

Galaxy Run is a WebGL crypto platformer which was made from scratch. This commercial project was done according to the client's offer. The client's artist provided the basic designs and the main idea of movement mechanics and a test-level design. The project involved many specialists in the developing process, our game designer worked out the main idea and structured everything in the GDD, including all additional features and functions. The level design was also improved and increased thanks to the logic of difficulty increasing.

Technical features of the project

2D platformer, the key feature of which is a tournament system with the ability to compete with your opponents through Shadow Play mode. In this project a team of developers implemented a dynamic map with a lot of events, completing tasks on which all the changes are recorded in the custom backend developed separately. Together with the game and the backend, there was also developed a separate site allowing to create competition rooms, as well as a user account allowing to manage and convert currencies received in the game and other game parameters. Apart from the complex client-server interaction system, a lot of other technologies such as spine animations, advanced work with Web adaptation of the game, flexible event system based on unity scriptable objects and Observer pattern were also used in the project. In addition, was developed system Shadowplay, which allows you to record the player's actions during the gameplay and then play in another match in the form of the opponent.
      Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, UI/UX designer, 2D Designer, Game Designer

      Platforms: WebGL(PC)

      Game genre: NFT, 2D Platformer

        Technical features of the project

          2D platformer in pixel art style for browsers. The main goal of the game is to complete different levels and collect stars by fulfilling various conditions.


          • A level system that allows the player to choose which level they want to progress to next.

          • Ability to collect weapons and cards to unlock new levels.

          • Skins for the character in different styles and with different animations.

          • A variety of bosses, access to which is opened by completing levels and collecting access cards.

          • Saving the progress of the player in the database on the cloud.

          • Ability to login via Discord and access to skins depending on the role on the game server.

          Technology stack:

          CorgiEngine is a Unity-based engine that accelerates the creation of 2D, 2.5D platformers.

          Unity 2D Animation - faster skinning for frame-by-frame animation, allows you to use old animations for new sprite sets.

          TextMeshPro - an asset for displaying text, differs from the standard asset for text with improved performance and new features.

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