Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, 2D Designer, UI/UX Designer

    Platforms: WebGL(PC)

    Game genre: NFT, Board Game.

    Project Information: "CryptoPrinciple" is a WebGL built game for people who are far from cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web3.0 space to get to know what these are. The game was created by us from scratch according to the idea of our customer. The artist from the customer's side provided the whole design for implementation.

      Technical features of the project

        A monopoly game that teaches the basics of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It is a WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library) browser game.

        The game algorithm is a monopoly where the player throws a die and his character on a round field moves through the cards depending on the number received. Cards (fields) perform different actions when activated (educational, buying and selling, rewards and penalties).

        The essence of the game is to collect 300k of game currency and buy 10 in-game NFTs in the game wallet. For completing the goal, the player is rewarded with a real NFT to the Metamask wallet.

        Metamask is a crypto wallet that allows users to interact with blockchain networks such as Ethereum. It is a browser extension that allows users to create and manage their Ethereum wallets, exchange ether (ETH) and other tokens, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps) that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

        The game uses the ChainSafe SDK (software development kit), which allows you to interact with the blockchain and connect the Metamask crypto wallet to the game. This framework ensures the security of crypto and NFT transactions.

        In the game, each round there are training windows on connecting a Metamask wallet, the main types of cryptocurrency, its security, advantages and disadvantages.

        There is also a semblance of a trade and a random house - when you enter the field to buy / sell a crypt, the player has a choice of 3 cryptocurrencies that each time have a different value, on the same field you can sell your crypt bought earlier but only the one that is available in the field for purchase.

        NFT also appears with different costs and there is also a field for its sale.

        The variety of the game is complemented by the fields - donate the currency to the fund and go 2 times or get the currency or buy gifts or lose the currency.

        At the start of the game, you register using Playfab (a cloud service designed to manage authorization, data storage and collection of application analytics) and connect the Metamask wallet.

        To ensure smooth animations, the DoTween plugin is used - this is another framework used in the game, which provides the creation of animations and transitions between screens in the game. It contains many features that allow you to create smooth and beautiful effects.


        • To interact with the blockchain, the ChainSafe SDK is used, which allows you to connect a crypto wallet to a unit and make crypto and NFT transactions;

        • In order for the user to receive an NFT reward, a smart contract was written and implemented into the game to communicate with the ChainSafe SDK;

        • Playfab is used for registration;

        • The game has unique analytics implemented through Playfab, such as the number of dice rolls, the number of wins, the percentage of completion of the game, the number of sessions, etc.

        All mechanics in the game were created by us, including the login/registration window, "Metamask" wallet integration, whole mathematics systems, etc. After the beginning of the development, the design was changed one time, but that wasn't a problem to save game mechanics and exclude future bugs and errors. The QA tested the game on different stages of development and after his job was done the game was clear and 100% working. All sounds were added by our developer and were confirmed by the customer. The architecture of the game was created so it allows the addition of multiplayer and a new level "Crypto Investor", which both are in the plans of our client.


        Discover the world of cryptocurrencies by playing a motivating game with simple gameplay that will help you get involved in WEB 3.0.

        The goal of the game:

        Helping the participant to acquire skills: using a cryptocurrency wallet,

        buying and selling assets on DEX and CEX, buying and selling NFTs,

        placing tokens in staking, participating in ICOs and IDOs.

          Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Unity/C# Developer

          : Android, PC, MacOS.

          Game genre: Multiplayer, Board Games, RPG

          Project description:

          Hoax is a 3D platformer with unique gameplay for both single and multiplayer. It features pulling and hooking mechanics to walls or enemies, as well as melee and ranged combat, providing an engaging gameplay experience.

          Technically, we implemented a vertical slice of the game by focusing on mechanics built on primitives. This allowed us to build the gameplay quickly and efficiently, as well as ensure it was scalable and ready for development. The main purpose of the vertical slice was to demonstrate the core game mechanics and establish a stable foundation for further development of the project along with feedback and suggestions from the player community.

            Technical features of the project

            The prototype of the game with advanced combat logic is designed in the style of a 3D platformer with RPG elements. In the process of developing this game, a flexible control system, custom physics, and a combat system were created, which includes:

            • Hook grip;

            • Ranged and melee attack system;

            • Enhanced attack;

            • Rock-Paper-Scissors system.

            AI enemy logic and online duels between the two games were also created.


            • Non-standard system of movement - this system was developed taking into account the rules of the game allowing you to move along the 4 axes, similar to a chessboard while ensuring a clear fixation of each game model for a particular cell;

            • Control system - a system that allows you to adapt control for Android, iOS, WebGL;

            • Custom physics:

              • Adjustable gravity level;

              • Collision system - a custom collision system that allows you to customize the aspect of the interaction of game objects with each other, adding the desired level of contact and repulsion force;

              • Hook capture system - a system that allows you to interact with such game objects (enemies, walls, or projectiles) and be attracted to those objects.

            • The Rock-Paper-Scissors system is a system in which the player can counterattack an enemy's attack with his own attack. For example: When one player throws a hook, the second player can attack this hook and it will go back to the first player and deal damage to him;

            • AI logic Consists of several stages:

              • Expectation;

              • Movement;

              • Attack;

              • Maneuver.

            • Custom shader - the shader is written to implement the ability to display players when they are out of view. Allows you to display the player model with a certain radius while hiding the environment models.

            Technology stack:

            1. Photon Fusion is a new high-performance state synchronization networking library for Unity1. With a single API, it supports many network architectures such as dedicated server, client-hosted, and shared/distributed authority2. Photon Fusion allows you to create online multiplayer games with Unity and Fusion, using features such as match timer, player chat bubble, player damage, syncing player visuals, etc3. Photon Fusion also provides built-in network behaviors, tick-based callbacks, input, remote procedure calls, data compression, client-side prediction and lag compensation14. Photon Fusion is designed to integrate naturally into the common Unity workflow and to offer advanced and robust netcode solutions for your games;

            2. State machine pattern - is used to write a custom AI model for enemy behavior, taking into account the non-standard movement system;

            3. The Universal Rendering Pipeline is a scalable, multi-platform rendering pipeline built on top of the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) platform. With its scalability, customizability, and rich feature set, URP offers you creative freedom in any type of project, from stylized visuals to physical rendering;

            4. TextMeshPro - an asset for displaying text, differs from the standard asset for text with improved performance and new features;

            5. Joystick Pack - an asset for implementing alternative control using a visual joystick.

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