Mystical Energy
    • Addressables

    • Unity Editor and runtime asset management system that improves support for large production teams with complex live content delivery needs. The system uses asynchronous loading to support loading from any location with any collection of dependencies.

      • Zenject (Extenject)

      A lightweight highly performant dependency injection framework built specifically to target Unity 3D.
      Involved specialists: Three Unity/C# Developers, 3D Designer, VFX Animator, Game-Designer, Concept Artist.

      Platforms: IOS/Android, Web, Desktop.

      Game genre: NFT, Strategy

      Project description:

      NFT project , turn-based strategy with the ability to explore the planet, collect tokens, add new monsters to your deck for your further battle events.

        Technical features
        • DOTween
        The framework used to create smooth animations for UI and game objects (movements, rotations, fading, etc.)

        • Socket.IO - for using Web Socket in WebGl
        Library that enables real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication between the browser and the server.

        • TypedScenes

        Toolkit for passing data between scenes. It provides strongly-typed wrappers for Unity scenes through which you can comfortably load scenes and pass data to them for work.

        • URP

        Provides artist-friendly workflows that let you quickly and easily create optimized graphics across a range of platforms, from mobile to high-end consoles and PCs.

        • Shader graph

        Shader Graph lets you visually author shaders and see the results in real-time. This node-based system opens up the field for artists.

        • Async programming

        Almost all code async, in order to work with client-server solutions.

        • Design patterns (fabric, MVVM, state machine, observer ect.)
        • Classes for validating data between client and server.

        The Elementies
        Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, 2D Designer, 2D Animator, VFX Animator, Game-Designer

        Platforms: IOS/Android

        Game genre: NFT, Strategy

        Project description:

        NFT project with implemented turn-based combat mechanics. The game contains various characters with unique abilities.

        Technical features of the project

        • Spin animations

        Used to manage keeping track of time, updating the skeleton, queuing, layering and mixing/crossfading animation.

        • Zenject (Extenject)
        a lightweight highly performant dependency injection framework built specifically to target Unity 3D

        • URP
        provides artist-friendly workflows that let you quickly and easily create optimized graphics across a range of platforms, from mobile to high-end consoles and PCs.
        • VFX animations
        • design patterns(state machine, observer, iterator ect)
        • architecture:
          Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developers, UI/UX designer, 3D Animator, VFX Animator, Game-Designer, Concept Artist.

          : PC.

          Game genre: NFT, RPG

          Project description:

          Take your part in this battle on a big arena together with other Shaggy players, bosses and monsters. Defeat them and earn currency along with a variety of in-game items. Ability to sell or upgrade your Shaggy for further mods.

            Technical features of the project

            • Mirror multiplayer network

            Mirror is a high level Networking API for Unity, supporting different low level Transports. Mirror is optimized for ease of use & probability of success. Used to create rooms for real time battles up to 16 players.

            • Inventory system

            During game session you can collect different items of different rarity, manage them to make it use of them and improve you character.

            • Looting system

            Find and collect ammo and cool items to become stronger.

            • Fighting system

            Attack mobs and other players to earn points for your global score.

            • Character customization

            You can upgrade abilities of your shaggy unlock new power-ups.

            • VFX

            Work with hair visualization and optimization for different characters. Various effects for attacks, explosions, events ect.

            Galaxy Run
            Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, Game/Lvl Designer, Sound Designer, Backend Developer;

            WebGL (mobile/PC)

            Game genre:
            NFT, 2D Platform

            Project description:

            Galaxy Run is a WebGL crypto platformer which was made from scratch. This commercial project was done according to the client's offer. The client's artist provided the basic designs and the main idea of movement mechanics and a test-level design. The project involved many specialists in the developing process, our game designer worked out the main idea and structured everything in the GDD, including all additional features and functions. The level design was also improved and increased thanks to the logic of difficulty increasing.

            Technical features of the project

            2D platformer, the key feature of which is a tournament system with the ability to compete with your opponents through Shadow Play mode. In this project a team of developers implemented a dynamic map with a lot of events, completing tasks on which all the changes are recorded in the custom backend developed separately. Together with the game and the backend, there was also developed a separate site allowing to create competition rooms, as well as a user account allowing to manage and convert currencies received in the game and other game parameters. Apart from the complex client-server interaction system, a lot of other technologies such as spine animations, advanced work with Web adaptation of the game, flexible event system based on unity scriptable objects and Observer pattern were also used in the project. In addition, was developed system Shadowplay, which allows you to record the player's actions during the gameplay and then play in another match in the form of the opponent.
              Leo Kings
              Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, UI/UX designer, 3D Designer, Game Designer

              Platforms: Android / IOS.

              Game genre: NFT, Runer

              Project description:

              Leopards - as an endangered species on Planet Earth, were put on a huge spaceship and sent to a planet much more conducive to their survival and development. This is the idea of our client which interested us a lot. Leo Kings is a crypto runner project, and the main reference was Subway Surfers. In the first stage of development of the project were involved just several specialists from our side: Unity/C# Developer and QA specialist. After realizing that specialists from the client's side (3D Modeller and UI/UX designer) cannot comply with the quality of development we have involved our specialists who increased the general quality of in-game design. The client insisted on continuing working on created models of his team. The result can see below :)

              Technical features

              3D Runner designed for the NFT platform. This runner features infinite random world generation based on obstacle generation patterns created by gamemaker in custom editor. This project actively uses a lot of visual effects designed by VFX specialist, which required additional time to optimize the application through various tools such as Lod groups, batting of objects, as well as work with the simplification of mash objects. To interact with the blockchain component of the project, saving user data and participating in tournaments, a custom API was connected.
                Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer

                Platforms: IOS/Android.

                Game genre: NFT

                Project description:

                NFT Earth is a great project which involves many pieces of knowledge of Web3 and the Metaverse gaming space, experience with development tools such as Moralis & Unity and, of course, the ability to work remotely and collaborate with the team as necessary. The digging system was inspired by Minecraft. All the visual materials were provided and implemented by our specialist. The mechanics, movement system and online were created by our team and had been supported for several months additionally. In this project, we used an agile system of management and task trekking. Below you will find the screenshots and gameplay video.

                  Technical features of the project
                  An experimental project from a technical point of view, the main idea of which was the development of a relatively small planet, with the possibility of terraforming the playing court and creating your own buildings by analogy with the minecraft game. To implement this feature, the following methods of building the world structure were tested:

                  1) Mesh changes

                  2) Changing meshes through a shader

                  3) Voxel system

                  In the end, it was decided to work with the voxel system because this system provides:

                  • Light terraforming

                  • By changing the unit voxel size, the radius of the planet and the smoothing parameter, it will be possible to adjust the smoothness of the planet.

                  • There is no problem with changes in block sizes or different number of them on different layers.

                  • A real planet that can be drilled through and make an elevator between the two poles.

                  A multiplayer mode was also introduced into the game, as well as a blockchain component. Photon was chosen as the multiplayer framework. Players can connect to different worlds and play on the same planet together while communicating via voice and text chat.

                  Used frameworks and technologies:

                  • Zenject;

                  • TextMeshPro;

                  • URP;

                  • ShaderGraph;

                  • PostProcessing;

                  • Photon Fusion;

                  • Photon Voice;

                  • Photon Chat;

                  • ParrelSync;

                  • DOTween;

                  • Cinemachine;

                  • Odin;

                  • Lean GUI;

                  • Lean Transition;

                  • Dissonance;

                  • 2D/3D paint;

                  • Feel;

                  • Hoverboard dog;

                  • Spherical skybox pack;

                  • The Online Multiplayer Template (Advanced).

                  NFT Earth
                    Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, UI/UX designer, 2D Designer, Game Designer

                    Platforms: WebGL(PC)

                    Game genre: NFT, 2D Platformer

                      Technical features of the project

                        2D platformer in pixel art style for browsers. The main goal of the game is to complete different levels and collect stars by fulfilling various conditions.


                        • A level system that allows the player to choose which level they want to progress to next.

                        • Ability to collect weapons and cards to unlock new levels.

                        • Skins for the character in different styles and with different animations.

                        • A variety of bosses, access to which is opened by completing levels and collecting access cards.

                        • Saving the progress of the player in the database on the cloud.

                        • Ability to login via Discord and access to skins depending on the role on the game server.

                        Technology stack:

                        CorgiEngine is a Unity-based engine that accelerates the creation of 2D, 2.5D platformers.

                        Unity 2D Animation - faster skinning for frame-by-frame animation, allows you to use old animations for new sprite sets.

                        TextMeshPro - an asset for displaying text, differs from the standard asset for text with improved performance and new features.

                        Pack Mate
                          Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, Game/Lvl Designer, 2D Designer, Sound Designer, Backend Developer

                          Platforms: Android/IOS WebGL(PC)

                          Game genre: NFT, Multiplayer

                          Project Information: Our game project is called "Pack Mate", and it is based on the initial idea of PacMan. However, we have added our own design, logic, and gameplay to make it more exciting and engaging.

                            Technical features of the project

                              Action game for browsers and mobile platforms. The goal of the game is to eat all the dots placed in the maze while avoiding the enemies. There is the possibility of playing in multiplayer.


                              • Each player has three abilities that he chooses before the match, which have a different effect on opponents, the environment, or himself.

                              • Possibility to choose characters. Each character has unique effects, voice acting, sounds, and ability bonuses.

                              • Multiplayer with a room system that supports up to 10 people. An anti-cheat system has been implemented by monitoring the game by the server.

                              • Possibility of competitive play with other players.

                              • Saving match results in the database.

                              • Each character has a degree of rarity that affects bonuses.

                              Technology stack:

                              1. Unity 2D Animation - toolset for creating 2D animations in Unity game development. It provides a range of features and functionality to help developers create animated sprites, characters, and environments for their games and applications.

                              2. Photon Engine - multiplayer networking framework for Unity game development, which provides a scalable and reliable networking solution for real-time multiplayer games. It allows developers to easily create multiplayer games and applications, with features such as synchronization, matchmaking, and room creation.

                              3. Unity Burst and Unity Collections - bone animation performance improvement

                              4. A* Pro pathfinding - a pathfinding system for Unity game development, based on the A* algorithm, which provides a fast and efficient way to calculate optimal paths in complex game environments. It is designed to handle large, open-world environments with multiple obstacles and dynamic obstacles, while maintaining a high level of performance.

                              5. TextMeshPro - an asset for displaying text, differs from the standard asset for text with improved performance and new features.

                              6. ExternalDependancyManager - tool for managing external dependencies in Unity projects. It is a package manager that allows developers to easily add, update, and remove third-party libraries, frameworks, and other dependencies to their Unity projects.

                              In Pack Mate, the main character is a brave boy who runs across various levels and fights the monsters he encounters. The game is set in a spooky and eerie environment, which adds to the overall thrill of the game. The game mechanics include collecting power-ups, health packs, and weapons, which the player can use to defeat the monsters.

                              The development team for Pack Mate included a Unity/C# Developer, Tester, Game/Lvl Designer, 2D Designer, Sound Designer, and Backend Developer. The team worked together seamlessly to ensure that the game was delivered on time and with the highest quality.

                              The 2D Designer created amazing visuals that captured the spooky ambiance of the game, while the Sound Designer created eerie and thrilling sounds that heightened the overall gaming experience. The Game/Lvl Designer designed various levels, each with its own set of challenges, puzzles, and monsters.

                              The Unity/C# Developer and Backend Developer worked together to ensure that the game mechanics were smooth and glitch-free, while the Tester was responsible for testing the game thoroughly to ensure that it was bug-free and provided an excellent user experience.

                              Despite the tight deadline of two months, the team did a fantastic job, and our client was very satisfied with the end product.

                                Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, 2D Designer, UI/UX Designer

                                Platforms: WebGL(PC)

                                Game genre: NFT, Board Game.

                                Project Information: "CryptoPrinciple" is a WebGL built game for people who are far from cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web3.0 space to get to know what these are. The game was created by us from scratch according to the idea of our customer. The artist from the customer's side provided the whole design for implementation.

                                  Technical features of the project

                                    A monopoly game that teaches the basics of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It is a WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library) browser game.

                                    The game algorithm is a monopoly where the player throws a die and his character on a round field moves through the cards depending on the number received. Cards (fields) perform different actions when activated (educational, buying and selling, rewards and penalties).

                                    The essence of the game is to collect 300k of game currency and buy 10 in-game NFTs in the game wallet. For completing the goal, the player is rewarded with a real NFT to the Metamask wallet.

                                    Metamask is a crypto wallet that allows users to interact with blockchain networks such as Ethereum. It is a browser extension that allows users to create and manage their Ethereum wallets, exchange ether (ETH) and other tokens, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps) that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

                                    The game uses the ChainSafe SDK (software development kit), which allows you to interact with the blockchain and connect the Metamask crypto wallet to the game. This framework ensures the security of crypto and NFT transactions.

                                    In the game, each round there are training windows on connecting a Metamask wallet, the main types of cryptocurrency, its security, advantages and disadvantages.

                                    There is also a semblance of a trade and a random house - when you enter the field to buy / sell a crypt, the player has a choice of 3 cryptocurrencies that each time have a different value, on the same field you can sell your crypt bought earlier but only the one that is available in the field for purchase.

                                    NFT also appears with different costs and there is also a field for its sale.

                                    The variety of the game is complemented by the fields - donate the currency to the fund and go 2 times or get the currency or buy gifts or lose the currency.

                                    At the start of the game, you register using Playfab (a cloud service designed to manage authorization, data storage and collection of application analytics) and connect the Metamask wallet.

                                    To ensure smooth animations, the DoTween plugin is used - this is another framework used in the game, which provides the creation of animations and transitions between screens in the game. It contains many features that allow you to create smooth and beautiful effects.


                                    • To interact with the blockchain, the ChainSafe SDK is used, which allows you to connect a crypto wallet to a unit and make crypto and NFT transactions;

                                    • In order for the user to receive an NFT reward, a smart contract was written and implemented into the game to communicate with the ChainSafe SDK;

                                    • Playfab is used for registration;

                                    • The game has unique analytics implemented through Playfab, such as the number of dice rolls, the number of wins, the percentage of completion of the game, the number of sessions, etc.

                                    All mechanics in the game were created by us, including the login/registration window, "Metamask" wallet integration, whole mathematics systems, etc. After the beginning of the development, the design was changed one time, but that wasn't a problem to save game mechanics and exclude future bugs and errors. The QA tested the game on different stages of development and after his job was done the game was clear and 100% working. All sounds were added by our developer and were confirmed by the customer. The architecture of the game was created so it allows the addition of multiplayer and a new level "Crypto Investor", which both are in the plans of our client.

                                    EASY GAME. EASY CRYPTO. EASY CHANCE.

                                    Discover the world of cryptocurrencies by playing a motivating game with simple gameplay that will help you get involved in WEB 3.0.

                                    The goal of the game:

                                    Helping the participant to acquire skills: using a cryptocurrency wallet,

                                    buying and selling assets on DEX and CEX, buying and selling NFTs,

                                    placing tokens in staking, participating in ICOs and IDOs.

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