Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer

    Platforms: IOS/Android.

    Game genre: NFT

    Project description:

    NFT Earth is a great project which involves many pieces of knowledge of Web3 and the Metaverse gaming space, experience with development tools such as Moralis & Unity and, of course, the ability to work remotely and collaborate with the team as necessary. The digging system was inspired by Minecraft. All the visual materials were provided and implemented by our specialist. The mechanics, movement system and online were created by our team and had been supported for several months additionally. In this project, we used an agile system of management and task trekking. Below you will find the screenshots and gameplay video.

      Technical features of the project

      An experimental project from a technical point of view, the main idea of which was the development of a relatively small planet, with the possibility of terraforming the playing court and creating your own buildings by analogy with the minecraft game. To implement this feature, the following methods of building the world structure were tested:

      1) Mesh changes

      2) Changing meshes through a shader

      3) Voxel system

      In the end, it was decided to work with the voxel system because this system provides:

      • Light terraforming

      • By changing the unit voxel size, the radius of the planet and the smoothing parameter, it will be possible to adjust the smoothness of the planet.

      • There is no problem with changes in block sizes or different number of them on different layers.

      • A real planet that can be drilled through and make an elevator between the two poles.

      A multiplayer mode was also introduced into the game, as well as a blockchain component. Photon was chosen as the multiplayer framework. Players can connect to different worlds and play on the same planet together while communicating via voice and text chat.

      Used frameworks and technologies:

      • Zenject;

      • TextMeshPro;

      • URP;

      • ShaderGraph;

      • PostProcessing;

      • Photon Fusion;

      • Photon Voice;

      • Photon Chat;

      • ParrelSync;

      • DOTween;

      • Cinemachine;

      • Odin;

      • Lean GUI;

      • Lean Transition;

      • Dissonance;

      • 2D/3D paint;

      • Feel;

      • Hoverboard dog;

      • Spherical skybox pack;

      • The Online Multiplayer Template (Advanced).

      NFT Earth

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