Block Puzzle Saga
Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, UI/UX designer, 2D Designer, Game Designer

Platforms: Android.

Game genre: Puzzle

Project description:

A mobile puzzle game for Android in which you have to earn points and complete tasks by lining up various figures in a line. The player can use various items to clear the playing field.
Technical features

1) An in-game store that allows the player to buy useful items for game currency and disable ads for real money. Game currency can also be purchased for real money.

2) System of rewards for daily login, game progress and viewing ads.

3) The level task system, which allows the game designer to adjust the difficulty of the levels and indicate what goals the game needs to complete in order to pass the level and get the maximum rating.

4) A block system that allows you to customize which blocks can be found in the game (with different colors, with effects), as well as keeping track of which blocks have been destroyed to complete the objectives on the level.

5) The system of items that helps in clearing the field. Each item has a unique behavior.

Technology stack:

1) TextMesh Pro - text rendering solution for Unity game developers that provides enhanced control and customization over text elements in a game.

2) DOTween - for various procedural animations of the interface and not only

3) Infinite Scroll - a script for implementing the scrolling of a procedurally generated map

4) InAppPurchasing - unity add-on that provides the implementation of in-game purchases;

5) NiceVibrations - to implement vibrations of a mobile device.

6) GoogleMobileAds - to display in-game ads and receive rewards for viewing ads.

7) Firebase analytics - For a more effective analysis of the involvement of players, as well as the actions of players in various game situations.

8) ExternalDependancyManager - tool for managing external dependencies in Unity projects. It is a package manager that allows developers to easily add, update, and remove third-party libraries, frameworks, and other dependencies to their Unity projects.

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