• Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, 2D Designer, VFX Animator, Game-Designer

    Platforms: IOS/Android

    Project description:

    BlockoDice (QBlock) is a new jigsaw puzzles and block puzzle game that combines tetris-like blocks and sudoku board style.

    Game Features:

    ✔ Board 9x9 cells like in Sudoku!

    ✔ Fill the field with blocks of various shapes, do not allow the field to be filled like in Tetris.

    ✔ Collect the required number of points to complete the level and unlock the puzzle picture. The multipliers in the cells will allow you to get more points for 1 time.

    ✔ You can play easier if you use bonuses: turn the figure, remove the vertical or horizontal line.

    ✔ Additional points for filling fields and squares at the same time (combos).

    ✔ A series of closed cells in a row multiplies the points in the game.

    ✔ Great brain workout. Test your IQ.

    Technical features:

    • Localization:

    The developed algorithm adjusts the game interface to the language of the user's device.

    • Custom level constructor :

    Allows you to create different types of puzzles and game features using a third-party plugin

    • In-app purchases:

    Integrated purchase types: consumable, non-consumable, subscription

    • User's analytics integration

    For a more effective analysis of the involvement of players, as well as the actions of players in various game situations, it was decided to integrate firebase analytics

    • Firebase messaging services integration
    • UITween

    Used framework for creating smooth UI animations

    • design patterns

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