Jump and Grub
Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer

Platforms: Android/IOS

Game genre: Hyper Casual

Project description:

Mobile aсtion project, implementing the mechanics of battles on the field consisting of hexes, in which you can control your character and the goal is to capture as many cells as possible and not allow the enemy to your cells. During gameplay, you can use a variety of abilities to provide more favorable conditions for your character or to inflict damage on the enemy. The game has also implemented a mechanic of summoning assistants who can capture cells in your favor. The game has been fine-tuned with balance as well as the economics of the game, allowing the player to continually improve their characters as well as their abilities.


  • An elaborate enemy AI system, the game has implemented an algorithm for enemies that allows them to create truly complex combinations and navigate the enemy in hex space.

  • A separate module was written AI companions, which have a number of features in terms of game interactions

  • A system of abilities was implemented, the visualization of which required the work of a technical artist to implement VFX effects, as well as the writing of logic for the interaction of the player with the enemy and the playing field.

Technology stack:

  • DOTween - is a fast, efficient, fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine for Unity, optimized for C# users.

  • Hexagonal Tilemaps - In addition to regular Tilemaps, Unity provides both Hexagonal Point Top and Hexagonal Flat Top Tilemaps. Hexagonal tiles are often used in strategic tabletop games, because they have consistent distance between their centers and any point on their edge, and neighboring tiles always share edges. This makes them ideal for constructing almost any kind of large play area and allows players to make tactical decisions regarding movement and positioning.

  • GoogleMobileAds - For in-game ads and ad rewards

  • Adaptive Performance - Adaptive Performance allows you to get feedback about the thermal and power state of your mobile device and react appropriately. For example, you can create applications that react to temperature trends and events on the device, to ensure constant frame rates over a longer period of time and prevent thermal throttling.

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