Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, 2D Designer, Game Designer, Trainee Game Designer

Platforms: Android / IOS.

Game genre: Puzzle, Hyper casual

Project description:

The game belongs to the puzzle genre with elements of geometry. The main goal of the game is to knock down all the obstacles on the level with the ball. Each obstacle is made in the form of a simple geometric figure, such as rhombus, square, rectangle and triangle.

One of the key elements of gameplay is realistic physics. When the ball hits the surface of a geometric figure, the ball bounces off of it in accordance with the laws of physics, and the figure itself is destroyed. It is important to note that all obstacles have their own customizable characteristics, such as the ability to move, rotate or become intangible, which adds variety and complexity to the passage of levels.

The development team successfully executed the project, including the game design, which played a key role in creating the levels in the game. The graphic design of the game was done through the efforts of 2D artists. As a result, the game provides a fun gaming experience with interesting puzzles based on geometric shapes and unique characteristics of obstacles, which will attract the attention and enjoy the fans of puzzles and logic problems.

Technical features

Game "?Okay?" immerses us in the world of underwater creatures. The player controls the fish embryo by choosing the trajectory of its movement. When the fish touches the objects of the location, the fish destroys them or is repelled in the direction of impact.

The essence of the game is to destroy all destroyable objects on the level before you leave the screen fields. Level objects are presented in the form of fish and have many variations. The sawfish can become part of a domino chain and only when all members of the chain touch will it be destroyed.

The fascination of the game is added by portals in the form of cyclones and fish through which you must first fly so that they become active for destruction.


  • Increasing difficulty level as you progress with the ability to open levels from 10,20,30 levels for more advanced players;

  • Ease of embryo control and realistic bouncing physics;

  • The ability to change the direction of pulling the trajectory;

  • Visual change as you progress through the game, the higher the level, the lower to the bottom of the ocean;

  • The sounds of the portal, player destruction and obstacles suitable for the theme of the game.

Technology stack:

  1. TextMeshPro - Asset for displaying text, differs from the standard asset for the text with improved performance and new features;

  2. DOTween - fast, efficient, fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine for Unity, optimized for C# users;

  3. GoogleMobileAds - For in-game ads and ad rewards;

  4. Unity IAP - Unity IAP makes it easy to implement in-app purchases in your application across the most popular app stores.

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