Planet Defence
    Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, UI/UX designer, 2D Designer, Game Designer

    Platforms: Android

    Game genre: Tower Defense

      Technical features of the project

        A mobile game for Android, the goal of which is to protect the planet from the advancing waves of enemies. The player has access to various weapons, defensive turrets and fields with effects. Also, the player can choose a hero who will help protect the planet on his ship.


        1) The enemy wave system, which allows the game designer to fine-tune when and which enemy should appear during the wave.

        2) The player's guns, the projectiles of which have different mechanics (chain lightning, homing missiles, projectiles with area damage, slowing down projectiles).

        3) Different types of opponents with different behavior, which can be customized as needed.

        Technology stack:

        • NavMeshPlus and AI Navigation - to organize the behavior of the hero. Plugin for Unity that provides enhanced navigation capabilities for AI agents in a game or simulation. It extends Unity's built-in navigation system (NavMesh) with additional features and functionality, such as dynamic obstacle avoidance, multi-level navigation, and advanced pathfinding algorithms.

        • DOTween - for various procedural animations of the interface and not only

        • Universal Render Pipeline - lightweight rendering pipeline for Unity that provides optimized performance for a wide range of platforms, including mobile devices, consoles, and desktop computers.

        • ShaderGraph - visual interface for creating shaders in Unity, which allows developers to create custom shaders without having to write any code. It is a node-based system that allows for the creation of complex materials and visual effects, with a simple and intuitive interface that can be used by both beginners and experienced developers.

        • TextMeshPro - text rendering solution for Unity game developers that provides enhanced control and customization over text elements in a game.

        • Localization - to localize the project into different languages (English and Russian)

        • Sci-Fi Effects - asset for various visual effects (Pool Manager is also used from here to optimize the gameplay)

        • Joystick Pack - an asset for implementing alternative control using a visual joystick

        • Infinite Scroll - a script for implementing the scrolling of a procedurally generated map

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