Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, QA, 2D designers, 2D animators.

Platforms: Android/IOS

Game genre: Multiplayer

Project description:

This game is an exciting and innovative take on the classic rock-paper-scissors system, featuring original medieval-style design elements. Players use mystical skeletons to battle each other, employing a range of attacks and defensive measures. The use of strategic elements such as shields, attacks, and healing creates an engaging gameplay experience across sections. The colorful and attractive interface includes detailed images of skeleton characters from medieval times, expertly created by a team of 2D designers to ensure optimal performance.

Rock paper scissors
Technical features:

- Additional cards have been added that allow you to gain an advantage over your opponent;
- Currency allowing you to buy additional cards during the game;
- Additional ultimates round, which consists of three rounds, according to the results of which the opponent's health is taken away, depending on the number of won rounds;
- Ability to play both with friends online and with random players;
- Table of leaders;
- Ability to choose a character and customize your profile

Technology stack:

TextMeshPro - Asset for displaying text, differs from the standard asset for the text with improved performance and new features;
Photon Realtime - a cross-platform Networking Engine with Advanced Relay for Global Low-latency Games;
ParrelSync - unity editor extension that allows users to test multiplayer gameplay without building the project by having another Unity editor window opened and mirror the changes from the original project;
DOTween - fast, efficient, fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine for Unity, optimized for C# users;
Custom technology for FlipBook animations.
Custom PHP Backend - for user authentication, data verification and cloud save system. Also used for dynamic news system.
MySql - used us a main database management system for saving user progress.
AWS - main multiplayer hosting server.

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