The Elementies
Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, 2D Designer, 2D Animator, VFX Animator, Game-Designer

Platforms: IOS/Android

Game genre: NFT, Strategy

Project description:

NFT project with implemented turn-based combat mechanics. The game contains various characters with unique abilities.

Technical features of the project

  • Spin animations

Used to manage keeping track of time, updating the skeleton, queuing, layering and mixing/crossfading animation.

  • Zenject (Extenject)
a lightweight highly performant dependency injection framework built specifically to target Unity 3D

  • URP
provides artist-friendly workflows that let you quickly and easily create optimized graphics across a range of platforms, from mobile to high-end consoles and PCs.
  • VFX animations
  • design patterns(state machine, observer, iterator ect)
  • architecture:
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