Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, 2D Designer

Platforms: PC

Game genre: RPG

Project description:

The game based on "The Addams Family" is an isometric game in which you are taking on the role of "The Thing" and fighting monsters in the form of eyes. Explore the mysterious Addams Manor, try to uncover all the secrets not rarely to do so you will have to face puzzles, sometimes dangerous and one wrong move can cost you your life! As you explore Addams Manor, don't forget about the other pets and creatures that hide in the walls and dark corners that you will have to face and fight for your life!!!

Initially the task was to create an MVP for testing with the help of focus group and live metrics, to get the necessary data and on their basis make business decisions on the development and development of the project.

At the start of development, one of the questions was what visual style to use, so that it would fit into the theme of Addams and be attractive to players. After research and analysis, it was decided to choose the style of "Gothic Kawai" as it fits into the theme and does not cause dissonance with the images of Addams. When creating art, we chose the pixel art style as a reference to the classics, but increased detail to retain more audience and users.

Thanks to our decisions and actions, the project came out colorful and thematic with great involvement and retention of players, which eventually led to the decision to develop MVP into a full game.
    A 2D top-down adventure game in a kawaii style with dungeons filled with monsters and the deadmans. The game implements a lot of mechanics, such as: gathering materials, crafting, trading, battles with bosses and monsters, the ability to play as different characters from the Adams family.

    The game has a great leveling system similar to The Binding of Isaac. Unsurpassed dungeon locations with excellent lighting and graphics make the player immerse himself in the atmosphere of a kawaii dungeon.

    At each level there are different types of resources, enemies, and the most terrible - Bosses, who impress with their combat mechanics. The first boss that you can meet is the Great Eye, which is born from the pain and suffering of people from torture, attacks you with its eyes, dodges your attacks and has the ability to disappear from space, clone and berserk mode, in which the eye begins to drift around the location and cause massive damage .

    The mechanics of different crafts will not let you get bored, you can create different potions and items on the alchemy table that will give you different abilities and improve your skills.

    Auctions will help you get the necessary materials for crafting, or sell any junk that was found.


    • A system of collecting materials, for the interest of passing levels and in order to improve the gameplay;

    • A crafting system that allows you to improve the player and have a better chance of winning with Bosses;

    • Trade to facilitate resource extraction;

    • Integration of URP, VFX, SFX for better visuals;

    • AI for enemies and bosses written using algorithms.


    1. DoTween is a fast, efficient, fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine for Unity, optimized for C#;

    2. Unity Localization - Technology for project localization to any language;

    3. URP - Provides artist-friendly workflows that allow you to quickly and easily create optimized graphics across multiple platforms;

    4. FMOD is a proprietary sound effects engine and authoring tool for video games and applications;

    5. Custom Editor are separate scripts that replace the default layout with any editor controls;

    6. Zenject - an open-source dependency injection container targeted for use with the Unity3D game engine, providing functionality on most platforms supported by Unity3D;

    7. TileMap - Provides improved level creation, using custom scripts to combine tiles with different types of tiles;

    8. Particle System - Provides creation of various effects for better game visuals.

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