Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, Tester, UI/UX designer

    Platforms: Android

    Game genre: Runer

    Project Information:

    The idea of the project was to create a mobile race game, not from scratch, but based on already made assets from Unity Store. Our client provided us with these assets and the development time was significantly decreased. Unity developers spent around 8 days on coding and fitting the project precisely as the client asked, there was also integrated AdMob SDK. Our QA specialist helped him all through the development process of debugging and issues fixing. We had another professional, who worked on this project either, the UI/UX specialist created all the interface design, and thanks to him we can satisfy the overall view of the well-worked visual perception while the first entry in the game!

      Technical features of the project

        A racing game, the development of which was based on the asset with the implemented mechanics of the car control, the logic of the race, the economy of the game. Our specialists worked on improving graphics and replacing the design of the game, as well as improving the work of artificial intelligence of opponents and adaptation to the new conditions of the basic mechanics. A new control system Unity was implemented. In addition, the game's store was completely redesigned, as well as implemented advertising in accordance with the strategy of monetization of the game.

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